Antique Persian Serapi | 10′ 1″ x 12′ 3″, Circa 1875




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In nearly four decades of business, we have acquired less than a handful of all-over pattern Serapis with such an elegant ambiance, and only one other with the gilded field seen here. Likely working on an important commission weaving, a highly dexterous group of weavers employed a much finer knot count and a significantly more curvilinear pattern than was traditional in the Heriz region. The trademark stylized Serapi palmettes, vinery, and leaf forms are chiseled and strikingly decorative, while retaining much of this style’s beloved spontaneity. The trademark center medallion is gone altogether. A highly unusual choice of golden tan as the field color greatly enhances the rug’s regal ambiance. The beautiful crimson main border uses the Shah Abbas design, stemming from the royal ateliers of 16th century Persia, but in telltale Serapi fashion confidently enlarges the classical scale and displays gorgeous, subtly changing striations in the base tone. This room size rug is also in wonderful condition for daily use.

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