Level 2 | High-Collectible

Primarily from early 19th century to circa 1875 — Artistic achievement and great originality flourished this period. These best-of-the-best caliber rugs exhibit fluid, subtly varied designs a highly exotic use of nuanced colors, and achieve superb aesthetic balance and harmony in the process. The finest rugs from “The Second Golden Age” were woven primarily in Persia and the Caucasus Mountains, but also in Turkey and the Central Asian plateau.
High-Collectible floral weaving styles such as Mohtasham Kashan and Laver Kirman offer specimens of unparalleled detail work and refinement, while the best of geometric rugs include Caucasian, Bakshaish, Camelhair and South Persian tribal rugs, notably Qashqai. While historical rugs from Level 1 are typically too fragile, many High-Collectible pieces are sufficiently durable for floor use.