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BIJAR CAMELHAIR TREE OF LIFE, Northwest Persian, 4′ 11″ x 6′ 8″, Late 19th Century


Claremont Rug Company is pleased to present our newest addition to the Featured Arrivals collection, an elegant and visually engaging Persian Bijar camel hair carpet. Rhythmic, generous spacing of arboreal motifs, a well-balanced, color palette, and a ground of the finest undyed camel hair are extremely rare elements that have been brilliantly combined in this positively alluring area-size Bijar rug. The weeping willow motifs of the traditional Tree of Life design are each drawn with great spontaneity and variation, with meandering lines that clearly reveal the hand of joyful folk art weavers. Flamelike cypresses showcase delightful rare tones of saffron, jade green and blood orange, yet are only a starting point for the comprehensive and incredibly wide ranging panoply of natural tones seen in the borders and elsewhere. The natural luminosity of pure camelhair visually and emotionally grounds these exuberant artistic choices, adding to this rug’s inimitable presence. The area size of this rare antique carpet enables it to be displayed in a multitude of ways- it would be stunning hung as an art piece on a wall. This Tree of life camelhair carpet is a connoisseur piece that would be a wonderful addition to any collection of fine art level carpets


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