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KURDISH CAMELHAIR, Northwest Persian, 3′ 2″ x 6′, Late 19th Century

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Claremont Rug Company is pleased to present our newest addition to the Featured Arrivals collection, an artistically woven Kurdish rug with a highly collectable camelhair ground. A charmingly naïve drawing style aptly demonstrates the freespirited mindset of the 19th century Kurdish weaving tradition. The mature yet unaffected weaver draws each row of this inventive allover design, forming a one-of-a-kind creative variation of the age-old Memling Gul design. Eight-pointed “stars of wisdom” are found within every motif of the field, unifying the overall composition. Asymmetries, irregularities and dynamic color shading were important techniques used by the tribal weavers to reflect their impressions of the beauty in the natural world. Here, abrash is frequently used at the top or bottom of individual elements, enhancing the effectiveness of this intentional weighting effect. This piece would make a wonderful addition to any collection of antique rugs, with the small scale of the piece enabling it to be used on the floor or as wall art.


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