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LAVER KIRMAN, SOUTHEAST PERSIAN, 4′ 5″ x 7′ 4″, Late 19th Century


Claremont Rug Company is pleased to present this exquisite new addition to our featured arrivals collection, a refined Laver Kirman Oriental carpet. This antique Laver Kirman is a classical Persian floral rug with a great depth of beauty. It is a highly refined piece, elegant and harmoniously hued, replete with rare celadon and leaf green. The level of clarity and detail is astonishing; each delicate flower and meandering bough or bouquet has been attentively rendered by a mature, accomplished weaver who wished to express her dexterity in every motif. The reserve’s uncommon hourglass proportions are perfectly suited for the ambitious rose-window medallion and extended border suite, seamlessly balancing these compositional zones.
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