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LESGHI, Northeast Caucasian, 3′ 5″ x 5′ 1″, Late 19th Century

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Claremont Rug Company is pleased to present our newest addition to the Featured Arrivals collection, a vibrant geometric Lesghi Caucasian carpet. This stirringly creative Caucasian Lesghi tribal rug presents a microcosm of inspired tribal artistry. The eye is first drawn to a dramatic column of eight pointed stars in the Lesghi traditional style, but there remains much to see as one delves into the galaxy-like array of secondary tribal motifs that fill the field in every part. The weaver didn’t pass up the opportunity to introduce a negative space between medallions which she could adorn with a star or enigmatic dragon. The fantastic range of scale is quite exciting, exuding a tribal energy and urgency that penetrates from grand star motifs down to the tiniest s-shaped devices. Its main border, drawn with the age-old oak leaf and chalice motif, has a stained glass effect due to the striking outlining of the pattern against the harmonious ivory backdrop. Highlights of sunny yellow and intense sky blue add a welcome counterpoint. This piece would be a stunning addition to any collection of fine antique rugs.

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