Antique Oversize Carpets

This dining room is complemented by a Serapi antique oversize rugAmong the most prized 19th-century carpets in the Claremont Rug inventory are those in the Oversize rug category. Defined as rugs in sizes between 11 x 15 to 17 x 20 feet, these antique Persian & Oriental oversize rugs include some of the most desirable and hardest to find large rugs ever produced. Their expansive dimensions give Oversize carpets a central role in the furnishing of fine homes, providing the distinguishing artistic element of particularly important public spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms and entry halls. Antique carpets of this magnitude have an uncanny ability to unify the architecture, furnishings and art of a large space. The creation of this very large antique carpet format was particularly demanding, and very few were made. As oversize carpets were woven on a vertical loom, female artisans had to perform their painstaking labor on high scaffolding 15 to 20 feet in the air, akin to Michaelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. An art-level Oversize carpet could require a team of five to eight weavers working side by side. Depending on the fineness of weave, these carpets likely represented one to three years in the making. Claremont Rug Company specializes in antique oversize rugs. Due to the technology and expense required to commission such labor-intensive pieces, the vast majority of Oversize carpets were made in city workshops. Nevertheless, our world-class Oriental & Persian carpet inventory includes a significant number of very difficult-to-find geometric large rugs from sought-after village weaving traditions such as Serapi and Bakshaish (Bakhshayesh). Additionally, antique Sultanabad carpets are particularly coveted in the Oversize format, thanks to the casual, surprisingly contemporary ambiance they create. Antique Oversize Persian Laver Kirman carpet styles are also highly popular as carpets for more formal spaces for the traditional grace and elegance of their designs. We also offer a very extensive selection of high decorative to connoisseur level Palace Size carpets measuring 11 x 21 to 19 x 30.