Antique Persian Tehran “Tree of Life” | 4ft 7in x 6ft 10in, Circa 1900

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This may well be the most imaginative, exquisitely developed “Tree of Life” rug I have ever seen. At the time this rug was woven, Tehran’s bazaar was reputed to contain the largest concentration of Persian rugs anywhere. It can safely be assumed that being at the center of the world market inspired local carpet designers and weavers to a high standard of excellence.

This prismatic, full pile piece with its abundance of fauna and flora exemplifies the dexterity and sumptuousness of the finest Tehran rugs of that time. Taking pictorial carpets to a dynamic level, not only are the incredibly diverse group of birds and animals easily recognizable, but each are captured in its habitual activity.(Don’t miss the rabbits hopping across the main border.) The color spectrum as well reflects a mastery of jewel tones as well as mid-tones, highlights and neutrals. For lovers of pictorial carpets, this is a flawless, splendid triumph that the Silicon Valley couple maintained in excellent, heavy pile condition.

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