BAKSHAISH “TREE OF LIFE”, Northwest Persian, 9ft 4in x 11ft, Circa 1875

Room-Sized Bakshaish Carpet with Tree of Life Design

Bakshaish carpets are some of the most highly sought after and elite carpets produced in the 19th century, the weaving region being well known for producing visually striking adaptions  of traditional Persian geometric styles and tribal patterns. This exquisite example showcases the artistic ingenuity and geometric patterning that set a highly collectible Bakshaish carpet apart from the rest, displaying a boldly done freehand version of the traditional “Tree of Life” motif.

The all-over geometric interpretation  of the “Tree of Life” design, woven in soft neutral tones of  sand and khaki, soars over a striking blue ground with abrash that allows the colors to flow from a fluid sky blue to aquamarine. The freehand drawing of the field’s pattern hides many surprises that will appear on closer inspection, much to the delight of art connoisseurs. The neutral color palate and delicate abrash continues in the floral border of the piece, creating a visually pleasing balance and continuity that elevates the artistic impact of the rug. Antique Bakshaish carpets such as this one are extremely hard to find, making this one-of-a-kind room size piece highly desirable, particularly given that is still in very good condition. Bakshaish rugs of this caliber are often used strategically as horizontal art in home design.

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