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Jan David Winitz, President & Founder

Jan David Winitz is president/founder of Claremont Rug Company, an art dealer specializing in the top-tiers of antique Oriental rugs from 1800-1890. In the collecting world, he is acknowledged as having elevated the perception of the finest…
Antique Persian Bakshaish rug in vaulted, chateau-inspired space

Antique Persian Bakshaish Soars in Vaulted, Chateau-Inspired Space

Living with a virtuoso example of the most coveted folk art Village style in Persian carpets is indescribably rewarding. The refined decor of this wonderfully airy space and the large 170-year-old Bakshaish seem to have been made for each other.…
An Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug interacts with the curated art display in a client's entry hall

Art on the Wall and on the Floor in this Curated Entryway

The opportunities to achieve an impressive display with antique art rugs are legion. In the entryways of grand homes and apartments, they particularly shine. In this image, the artistically energetic over 120-year-old Caucasian Shirvan visually…
Two antique village weavings enhance the rustic ambiance of this log cabin retreat in the mountains.

Two Antique Village Weavings Reflect Rustic Ambiance of Log Cabin Mountain Retreat

Clients find that our selection of Northwest Persian styles is second to none. As you can see, the two antique rugs in this cozy room appear to have been made specifically for each space. Both the area-size Karaja near the door and the Heriz…
Luminous 170-year-old Ferahan rug in rare corridor dimensions adds luminosity to entryway of Omaha home

Rare Corridor-Sized Ferahan Rug Adds Luminous Comfort to Entryway of Traditional Omaha Home

This image is of an artistically exploratory 170-year-old Ferahan rug in a rarely found corridor size that graces the entryway of a grand traditional home near Omaha, Nebraska. The tawny-hued border immediately draws upon the rich tones of the…
170-year-old Mohtasham Kashan carpet in elegant dining room

Masterfully Woven 170-Year-Old Mohtasham Kashan Carpet Enhances Elegant Ambiance of Earth-Toned Dining Room

Discovering the perfect antique rug is an unforgettable outcome to the “thrill of the chase” as this gracious, inviting dining area aptly demonstrates. This transformative experience is even more rewarding due to the vast variety of art-level…
Bakshaish and Serapi rugs in Traditional Living Room

Antique Rug Pairing Establishes Exquisite Syncretism in Traditional Living Room

Antique Persian rugs bestow to myriad spaces an unrivaled and invigorating dynamism. This is all the more apparent and enlivening when combined with traditional furnishings and neutral color schemes. In this refined setting, the jovial, complementary…
An Antique Caucasian Seichur Kuba in Kitchen Passageway

Harmonious Triad of Antique Caucasian Rugs Complements Passageway of Connoisseurs’ Home

In this antique rug connoisseurs' home, their love of tribal weaving starts at the front door, through the living room, and continues right past the kitchen. These rug owners carefully kept the rugs in the passageway adjacent to the cooking…

Claremont Rug Company Reports Significant Increases In Sales of “High-End” Antique Oriental Rugs

In this interview, Claremont Rug Company's Jan David Winitz discusses what to look for when purchasing collectable antique persian rugs and caucasian rugs
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The Sum of the Parts: When It Comes to Selecting Your First, Or Next, Exquisite Rug

In this interview, Claremont Rug Company's Jan David Winitz discusses what to look for when purchasing collectable antique persian rugs and caucasian rugs

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The Oriental Rug Market Viewed as a Pyramid

President Jan David Winitz outlines 6 levels of Oriental rugs based on artistry, age, originality, craftsmanship & provenance.

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Antique Rug Type Guide

Explore the major types of antique Persian carpets and Tribal rugs through commentary & pictures.
Antique Bidjov Shirvan on floor of contemporary Tel Aviv living room, below a Moshe Gershuni painting.

Striking Caucasian Afshan Kuba Rug Enhances Mid-Century Living Room of Tel Aviv Home

Art for the floor lives right at home with art on the wall, greatly enhancing the presence of each piece. Many of our clients who gravitate toward using art-level antique rugs throughout their homes are often collectors of other creative mediums…
Antique Persian Afshar Rug.

Client Homes v2

Our Whole Home Collections Lakeside Manor Home Exquisitely detailed craftmanship & a majestic view of this grand mountain lodge complement the antique…
Antique Persian Bakshaish Rug.
Claremont Rug Company

Gold Coasts Collection History

Background To The Collection Background ToThe Collection The Gold Coasts Collection is the product of two generations of…

Reproduction Rugs

Level 6 | Reproductions Typically 1970 to present — The newest contributions to the hand-woven market are adaptations of traditional Persian designs created in a broad range of qualities. These are by far the most widely available Oriental…

Decorative Rugs

Level 5 | Decorative Primarily 1920 to 1970— When the decorative rug market exploded, most of the resultant weavings fell into this category. The level of materials, craftsmanship and innovative artistry decreased notably, with often…

High-Decorative Rugs

Level 4 | High-Decorative Primarily 1875 to 1910 — With international demand increasing rapidly, the number of working looms, more rugs were woven for export, and designs became less complex and color palettes changed to satisfy Western…

Connoisseur-Caliber Rugs

Level 3 | Connoisseur-Caliber Primarily from circa 1850 to late 19th century — This category encompasses outstanding rugs from all of the major Persian and tribal groups. The period starting around 1875 is often termed “The Revival…

High-Collectible Rugs

Level 2 | High-Collectible Primarily from early 19th century to circa 1875 — Artistic achievement and great originality flourished this period. These best-of-the-best caliber rugs exhibit fluid, subtly varied designs a highly exotic use…

Museum-Quality Rugs

Level 1 | Museum-Quality Primarily 13th to 18th centuries — The Persian Safavid dynasty that ruled from 1501–1736 (“The Golden Age of Persian Weaving”) sponsored workshops that produced many of the finest carpets the world has ever…
Antique Persian Rug Detail.


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Antique Persian Rug Showroom.
Antique Persian Rug in Living Room.
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Majestic Carpets

Increasingly collectible, antique Oriental rugs can transform an interior and transport you to a bygone era or a far-flung region of the world.

Intricately crafted 19th-century allover pattern carpets provide luxurious enrichment to grand signature spaces

Enhanced by the inherent balance and refined understatement of an allover Veramin carpet centerpiece, this expansive great hall of a European-inspired residence becomes the scene for fascinated aesthetic immersion. The rhythmic repetition of…

Suite of Four Exquisite Antique Persian Rugs Work in Concert To Create Symphonic Effect In Grand European-Inspired Interior

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. Rather than pursuing a single palace-size Persian carpet, the homeowners decided to employ a harmonious series of room size and oversize antique…

Art-Level Antique Rugs & How To Recognize Them

by Jan David Winitz President and Founder, Claremont Rug Company   Part 1 A wide range of Oriental carpets can bring us pleasure and pride of ownership as they grace our homes. Yet, only very few are also strong long-term investments…

Thank You for Viewing the Lakeside Manor Whole Home Collection

Thank you for viewing the Lakeside Manor Whole Home Collection.   Click Here to Advance to the Curated Contemporary Whole Home Collection   Click Here to Advance to the Southern Traditional Penthouse Whole Home Collection   Click…
Suite of four exquisite Persian rugs in grand, European-inspired living room in the HIgh Sierras

Wonderfully Compatible Art-level Antique Persian Rugs Naturally Unify This Majestic Room and Complete the Sense of Grandeur

FEATURED IN OUR NEW BROCHURE, Vol. 29, No. 1. This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. Here, four carpets have been successfully combined to augment the interplay of the different designs…
Entrance with Serab Camelhair Persian Rug

The Elegantly Proportioned Artistry And Warm Camelhair Tones of Antique Persian Serab Carpets Add a Joyful Central Focus to This Grand Foyer

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. Very few carpets are equal to the grandeur of the most opulent and ambitious Beaux Arts-inspired interiors.  This very rare room-size antique…
ntique Camelhair rug in grand entryway

Rare 19th-Century Persian Serab Camelhair Carpet Perfectly Matches The Preexisting Carpeting and Decor of This Grand Entry

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. The right antique art carpet is surprisingly easy to integrate into a pre-existing decorative scheme. Here, the delicate latticework and soft…
A Bakhtiari antique rug is a focal point in this grand billards room

Grand Oversize Antique Persian Tribal Rug Amplifies the Breathtaking Splendor of this Two-Story Billiard Room

This image is from a whole home project in a lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. A massive room, especially one that is elegantly wood-paneled from floor to ceiling, necessitates a rich palette of colors to match the sumptuousness…
An antique Bakhtiari tribal rug is the focal point of this stunning game room

A Convivial Atmosphere Created by the Colorful Persian Bakhtiari Carpet Fills This Game Room, Including Its Inimitably Crafted Bar

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. This stunning 19th-century Bakhtiari carpet’s rich saffron, cobalt blue, coral and green hues create an ambiance, supporting energetic, lively…
Bakhtiari and Heriz antique rugs are displayed in a game room

Antique Persian Bakhtiari Carpet and Heriz Rug Contribute a Bold, Masculine Quality to This Distinguished Game Room

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. A second style of geometric Persian rug from Heriz that enhances the sitting area pairs well with the bold and colorful antique Bakhtiari carpet…
Lake Tahoe Mansion with Spectacular Bidjar Rug

Striking 19th-Century Bijar (Bidjar) Persian Rug With Majestic Center Medallion Provides the Ideal Decorative Solution For Expansive Passageway In Traditional Home

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. Only particular Oriental carpets have sufficient character to ground a voluminous space and unify the panoply of color, textural treatments, and…
Antique Persian Collectible Bijar Rugs

Bijar (Bidjar) Carpet Pair Fills A Formal Interior With Unexpected, Dynamic Energy

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. Persian carpets have long been associated with Old World formal interiors, where their luxurious elegance effortlessly complements and enhances…
Bedroom with antique persian Tabriz rugs

The Subdued Artistry of Two Complementary Persian Tabriz Rugs Provides an Understated Accent to a Tranquil Bedroom Décor

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. The restful low contrast aesthetic of antique Persian Tabriz rugs woven in the style of the famed Hadji Jalili workshop make them the perfect…
An antique Bijar Persian rug pairs well with an antique desk

The Expertly Crafted, Fascinating Design of This Outstanding 19th-Century Bijar (Bidjar) Resonates with the Beautifully Tooled Antique Desk

Clearly the work of master carpet crafts women at the height of their art, this 19th-century Oriental carpet accords well with the exquisite 18th-century ornamental desk and silver ink well in this regal home office. The incredibly nuanced…
Suite of Antique Tribal Rugs is Stunning in Collectors' Home

Remarkable Century-old Tribal Rugs Bring Traditional Ambiance to this Stunning Master Bath

Part of a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras, our clients wished to extend the traditional ambiance they created throughout their home into the master bathroom, choosing three remarkable century-old…

Copy of Antique Rugs in the City Tradition

Of the four main categories of antique Persian rugs, city rugs are the most refined. These graceful antique rugs were woven in the workshops of master rug designers. The exquisite curvilinear and botanical designs of these antique carpets…

The Transformative Impact of Caucasian Kazak Rugs In Contemporary Home Office Bring Unique Energy, Color and Artistry

The spellbinding graphic artistry and the versality of sizes offered by Kazak rugs make them ideal choices for many spaces in contemporary or traditional décor, such as this sunlit home office. Imagine the satisfaction and intellectual engagement…

Outstanding Circa 1875 Caucasian Kazak In Cozy Fireside Setting Creates Immensely Enriched Space

Small room size antique Persian carpets have long been utilized to enhance the convivial ambiance of a fireside furniture grouping. Area size Caucasian tribal pieces are at least as transformative in this type of intimate setting, presenting…

Kazak Landing Page

Discover the Folkloric Whimsy & Artistic Depth of Caucasian Kazak Rugs With roots to the people who inhabited this majestic Caucasus Mountains since the dawn of history, the tribal weavers who occupied the region’s highest encampments…

Consummate Persian Art Carpet Brings Unfathomable Richness And Depth To A Traditional Dining Room

The best antique art carpets create pairings that are far greater than the sum of their parts, uniting furniture, architectural details and other works of art in a way that uniquely enhances their overall aesthetic impact. For this reason,…