EAgle Kazak Caucasian Rug with Triple Medallion

Southern Central Persia
4ft 10in x 8ft 8in
Circa 1850

An extraordinary, early example of one of the most renowned collectible Caucasian antique carpet styles, this mid 19th century Eagle Kazak rug (Chelaberd Karabagh) is truly spectacular. With three medallions in a “Triple Eagle” design, each of its “sunburst” motifs is visually voluminous and charmingly asymmetrical. The top sunburst medallion is so vivacious that it gives the appearance of overflowing confines of the carpet border. Vivid, surpassingly harmonious hues encompass the finely abrashed deep auburn field and a multitude of nuanced accents in sapphire blue, saffron, parchment and teal for dazzling effect. The stunning borders incorporate crisp geometric precision with marvelously creative color shifts. The excellent condition of this tribal rug also contributes to making this 150-year-old antique Caucasian carpet from the heights of the Caucus Mountains extremely appealing to connoisseurs of antique Oriental carpets.