19th-Century Ferahan Infuses Intensely Organic Aesthetic Into An Airy Modern Interior

The astounding creativity of this rare double-medallion High-Collectible Ferahan carpet creates a profoundly enriching experience in this elegant custom modern home, where the focus is on enrapturing views both within and without. The architect’s unconventional fenestration choices provide an abundance of sunlight, allowing the incredibly luminous, naturally brewed dyes to radiate and literally fill the space. On full display, this 160-year-old Persian town carpet’s constant abrash (chromatic striation) and spontaneous hand-drawn motifs seems to enjoy the artistic camaraderie with the low Italian sofas, Calia wingback chairs and mid-century Vladimir Kagan table. Just as the homeowner has trained his Oberwerk binocular telescope on a favorite spot for hawks nesting outside his window, he found the perfect carpet to provide stirring inspiration in his living room.

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