Houston, Texas Persian Ferahan sarouk antique tug in traditional city view home office

19th-Century Ferahan Sarouk Carpet Brings Focused Attention To Home Office

An exceptional 150-year-old Ferahan Sarouk carpet establishes a contemplative, erudite atmosphere within this high-rise home office. The expansive Persian room-size rugs glows with a nuanced patina through its exquisitely time-softened natural colors. This aged hues are perfectly complemented by the enhanced lustre of age seen in the inlaid, hand carved woods of the 18th-century French antique desk. Alongside this natural, elevated dialogue between these two one-of-a-kind art pieces, the Persian carpet’s intricate botanical patterning adds its own conversation between compositional elements. Note how each part of field, stunning ivory corner pieces and majestic border explore creative variations on a common theme. Finally, the carpet’s diffuse medallion effortlessly centers the room’s activity in a structured, but unobtrusive way. Despite the grand scale of the potent medallion design, this masterful centerpiece is entirely balanced, allowing each of the room’s furnishings to be appreciated in turn.

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