Antique Carpet in a craftsman inspired living room

19th-Century Heriz Village Carpet Provides Understated Yet Invigorating Centerpiece To A Family’s Unpretentious Living Room

Antique Persian Heriz carpets have long been among the most popular accompaniments to summer homes and mountain retreats, as their unaffected, casual artistry and warm natural colors create an atmosphere that is at once memorable and approachable. It perfectly demonstrates how an appropriately selected Persian rug can unite the various, disparate elements of a room. Flanked by a massive hearth of water-sculpted river stone, the potent natural dyes of this room-size turn of the 20th Northwest Persian village rug come into their own, releasing a dynamic yet harmonious energy that fills the entire space. Comfortable leather divans provide the perfect vantage point for contemplating the rug’s individual nuances at leisure, where its unaffected natural inspirations will gradually reveal themselves.

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