Ferahan Sarouk and Bakshaish antique carpets in a contemporary great rom in a desert home

Pairing Of Connoisseur-Caliber 19th-Century Rugs Integrates Spacious Great Room In Contemporary Desert Home

The deeply personal hand-crafted artistry of an outstanding Ferahan Sarouk rug (foreground) and Bakshaish Camelhair carpet (background) is completely transformative in this spacious, high-ceilinged desert home, bringing an easy livability to this contemporary space. The architecture’s clean, minimalistic lines and gentle curves provide the ideal foil by which each of these two antique rugs reveals a breathtaking profusion of one-of-a-kind botanical flourishes, with each organically inspired motif drawn individually. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow instant visual access to the weather-sculpted borders and atmospheric natural light outside the home, establishing strong connections with the unique patina and effortlessly harmonious natural dyes of the antique rugs themselves. Continually changing flourishes of motif and warm sand, terra cotta and sky blue hues in these connoisseur-quality 19th-century carpets promises years of contemplative viewing, evolving with each change of season or subtly shifting angle of sunlight.

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