19th-Century Tribal Carpet Provides A Simple, Endlessly Enriching Focal Point For a Comfortable Chicago Townhome

The most skilled 19th-century weavers firmly understood the aesthetic concept of “less is more”, where dexterous use of inspired form and color need no other accompaniment. The antique Caucasian area size rug chosen here doesn’t interrupt the calmness of simply expressed wood finishes and restful palette of beige, greys and cream. Rather, it brings a perfectly natural and welcome sense of quiet animation and life, like the flashes of green visible from the trees outside. The result shows that the most inspired carpets do not have to occupy an entire space to make an impact; this area-size piece is just as harmonious and effective in the space as a similarly artful room-size piece might be. The art rug’s artistry becomes a focus when a focus is desired. At any time, its skillful color juxtapositions and seamless allover pattern can be appreciated at leisure, with new nuances revealed each day.

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