Adding Palpable Whimsey, A Potently-Colored Antique Northwest Area-Size Rug Creates Delightful Synergy Within Collector’s Contemporary Dining Space

Given incredible magnetism and movement by its astounding array of tiny, individually scattered daisy flowers, this whimsical, quite unique 19th-Century piece woven in Persian Azerbaijan anchors a harmonious selection of curated pieces in this connoisseur’s modern home. The mid-century sculpture was intelligently and intentionally chosen to mirror these flowers, and also finds similar resonance in its shared artisanal quality, with each piece reflecting great investment of time and artistic insight. Even the table’s potted plant’s leaves mirror the small circular shapes in the rug. The contemporary Italian dining chairs reference the time-softened carnelian diamond at the heart of the carpet, drawing interesting comparisons between symmetry and asymmetry. The freeform spontaneity of Persian village art rugs such as this allows welcome creativity in their use: this seasoned art collector understands that a winsome piece such as this need not sit beneath a dining table, but shines even more brightly beside it.

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