An Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug interacts with the curated art display in a client's entry hall

Art on the Wall and on the Floor in this Curated Entryway

The opportunities to achieve an impressive display with antique art rugs are legion. In the entryways of grand homes and apartments, they particularly shine. In this image, the artistically energetic over 120-year-old Caucasian Shirvan visually enhances the overall ambiance of the space as an engaging complement to this client’s carefully curated cultural assemblage. Every color of the rug flashes to life while effortlessly drawing upon the hues in the painting and surrounding objects. Its smaller scale pattern is a visually compelling juxtaposition to its cultured surroundings, picking up on the tighter patterning of the tabletop sculpture and scrollwork of the antique Chinese cabinet. 19th-century Caucasian tribal rugs are gaining deserved recognition as vital components to the collections of art connoisseurs, not to mention for their tremendous visual appeal.

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