2 antique persian rugs add color to this kitchen

Antique Mishin Malayer and Tabriz Rugs in a Sun Filled Kitchen

This professional kitchen in the home of a rug connoisseur highlights a number of beautiful antique Persian rugs that add warmth and visual appeal to the room. Whereas the majority of the home is done with rare 19th century Laver Kirmans, the narrow aisles of the kitchen demanded widths not traditional to the Laver Kirman region. A stunning turn-of-the-century Tabriz Vase rug with a beautiful saffron-dyed field and a circa 1875 Ivory Ground Mishin Malayer rug were selected to work within the space of the kitchen while continuing the spirit of the overall collection. The exuberant florals and colors add vibrancy and color to the room while echoing the hand-painted tiles on the wall.

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