Antique Persian Bakshaish rug in vaulted, chateau-inspired space

Antique Persian Bakshaish Soars in Vaulted, Chateau-Inspired Space

Living with a virtuoso example of the most coveted folk art Village style in Persian carpets is indescribably rewarding. The refined decor of this wonderfully airy space and the large 170-year-old Bakshaish seem to have been made for each other. This captivating carpet’s inherent balance and understated harmoniousness result from an exceptionally innovative use of a remarkably soft, continually varied 19th-century palette, infusing it with a serene atmosphere. From the fine art painting to recessed cabinetry and furniture to the grand wooden beamed ceiling and carefully placed decorative items, every element of this unique space magically resonate with the unifying presence of this art-level Bakshaish as seen from above. Such an artfully cohesive statement such as this would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

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