Antique Persian Manchester Kashan Rug Enhances the Understated Elegance of Living Room in the Traditional Southern Home

FEATURED IN OUR NEW BROCHURE, Vol. 29, No. 1. In this gracious Southern colonial interior, a circa 1910 Manchester Kashan rug using extraordinarily lustrous merino wool exerts a powerful magnetism to anchor the entire space. It draws the viewer’s eye deep into the exceptionally intricate nuances of its grand botanical medallion composition. Soft cream fabrics, ivory moldings and warm hardwoods are made even more inviting by the counterpoint of the saturated color and shimmering, lanolin-rich wool of this antique Persian rug, a perfect consonant with the antique American furniture and Dutch Delftware vases that adorn the mantle. The richness of the carpet reflects the delicacy and grace of each piece, especially the original, hand-colored lithograph from John Gould’s famed Family of Hummingbirds, a seminal 1849 work from this great Audubon-era bird illustrator.

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