Bakshaish and Serapi rugs in Traditional Living Room

Antique Rug Pairing Establishes Exquisite Syncretism in Traditional Living Room

Antique Persian rugs bestow to myriad spaces an unrivaled and invigorating dynamism. This is all the more apparent and enlivening when combined with traditional furnishings and neutral color schemes. In this refined setting, the jovial, complementary hues and abstract patterns between the Bakshaish camelhair rug and larger Serapi add an almost modern art sensibility that empowers a tremendous visual interest without distracting from the overall sophisticated décor. Each village weaving sparkles in contrast to the luxuriantly dark wooden flooring serving as chromatic mediators between the light and dark elements in this well-apportioned living room. Each one-in-the-world piece invests an expressive folkloric appearance that informs an exquisitely successful syncretism between a formal and more casual aesthetic.

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