Hinson_Dining Room Dallas Texas antique rugs

Art Level Laver Kirman Carpet Illuminates Formal Dining Room With Inspired Botanical Imagery

The very best 19th century Court carpets provide the essential foundation for refined entertaining spaces in traditional homes, enveloping homeowners and their guests in an understated opulence that continually reveals new nuances to discover. This connoisseur-caliber Laver Kirman carpet achieves this prized, entrancing effect via an inspired succession of distinct compositional spaces, each holding its own captivating and entirely different presentation of pinpoint blossoming vinery. Rare parchment and deep burgundy tones alternate in a way that almost subconsciously orients the rapt viewer to the consummately crafted composition, where carefully orchestrated accent tones of rare leaf green, apricot and jade also appear in profusion. Unsurprisingly, the intricately carved mirror frame and sideboard are elevated by their relationship with the carpet, as both draw from closely observed natural forms.

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