Connoisseur’s Curated Contemporary Living Room Achieves An Atmosphere Of Comfortable Sophistication Highlighted by the Stunning Display Of A Top Tier Carpet

At the heart of this modern home, a High-Collectible Persian Ferahan Sarouk inspires the thoughtful celebration of art that meets the eye at every turn throughout it.  Convinced decades ago of the profound expression of creativity offered by singular antique Persian and tribal carpets, this homeowner knew to “start with rugs” when he had the opportunity, allowing them to suggest the palette to be used in different areas of the house and inform his choices of furnishings and accessories.  In this formal conversation area,  the 160-year-old carpet’s never seen twin medallions at the heart of its organically outlined reserve are supported the a circular mirror, arching Bauhaus-inspired lamps and a handcrafted globe that, in their turn, perfectly elaborate the angular lines of the architecture.

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