Antique Persian Collectible Bijar Rug 20ft 7in x2ft

Elegant Grandeur of Traditional Persian Bijar (Bidjar) Rug Ideally Complements Passageway in Mountain Estate

This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. The exquisite coloration and graceful contours of a quintessential 19th-century Persian Bijar (Bidjar) carpet are immediately compatible within this luxurious high-mountain residence, which draws heavily on European influences in its architecture and antique furnishings. As would be expected in a grand Old World estate, the showpiece home includes numerous antique Persian carpets in the styles most avidly coveted by affluent English, French, German and Swiss buyers during the 19th-century. It is easy to see why such carpets remain so popular in grand homes: the 140-year-old Bijar (Bidjar) rug brings a poised compositional balance and genteel appreciation of natural color that supports the elegant stonework, paneling and porcelain on display, while also adding its own entirely unique aesthetic contribution.

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