A Sultanabad Oriental Rug adds warmth to the entryway in this frank lloyd wright inspired home

Form Follows Function As Superbly Decorative Sultanabad Carpet and Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture Cogently Express Essential Natural Forms

A one-of-a-kind Sultanabad carpet from the turn of the 20th century provides an eloquent and cheerful introduction to the authentic Prairie style architecture of this Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired seaside home. Both the antique Persian weaving and Wright’s own ethos are founded upon close study and brilliant reinterpretation of nature, with organic forms achieving a new freshness and simplicity. Here, an extraordinary allover design reveals the wonders of the natural world in microcosm, with intensely creative floral motifs ordered by subtle axial symmetry, then highlighted by deep indigo contrasts. Like the room’s recessed ceiling and stained glass windows, the carpet’s artistic choices are extremely thoughtful and sophisticated, yet are expressed entirely without artifice.

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