Laver Kirman Antique Rug in a Modern Master Bedroom

Ethereal Antique Laver Kirman Carpet Establishes a Restful, Contemplative Atmosphere In A Contemporary Master Bedroom

A virtuoso 19th century Laver Kirman carpet provides the central spark of creativity that quietly animates every aspect of this refined yet comfortable bedroom in a LEED Platinum Certified family home. The delicacy and sophistication of this expansive Persian city rug’s astoundingly detailed floral design provides an inexhaustible reservoir from which delightfully subtle distinctions emerge. The diffuse light of the room is perfectly suited for the antique carpet’s glowing, lanolin-rich wool and this incredibly intricate botanical pattern, where carefully selected areas of light and dark seem to advance and recede in the viewer’s eye, as if illuminated from within. These and other attributes are effortlessly complemented by a supporting assortment of honest, unadorned natural materials: wood, iron, leather and linen. The antique carpet’s presence enhances the inherent beauty in each of these elements, drawing attention to the fascinating differences in wood grain or the striking, sculptural solidity of the elemental iron ceiling trusses. Read more about this home in LUXE. magazine.

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