Exceptional Collection of Singular 19th-Century Caucasians Creates Unique Opportunities For Both Lasting Enjoyment and Long Term Investment

A superb display of High Collectible Caucasian tribal rugs, each of very early provenance, creates a profoundly immersive effect in this cozy cottage. Offering both aesthetic excellence and a rarity suitable as precious tangible assets, this expertly curated home collection expresses its owners honed personal taste and resourceful acquisition. In this room alone lies an Akstafa, Afshan Kuba, Surahani Baku, and an early Shirvan. The lively persimmon toned couches augments the allure of the four carpets’ patina and time softened colors that also quietly resonate with the framed Persian miniatures. The rewards of living with stellar antique tribal rugs is deeply satisfying for the homeowners on a daily basis and thrilling for their guests as the art works’ nuanced layers of inspiration are revealed over time. As well they provide a most pleasurable diversification that will only compound as rugs of this magnitude become ever more scarce.

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