Exceptionally Fluid, Archetypal Imagery of One-of-a-kind Bakshaish Rug Brings Singular Refinement To Elegant Dining Room

Encounters with entirely unique art objects are always deeply memorable, subconsciously elevating a viewer’s experience in ways that often continue to delight long after first exposure. Such is the effect of this extraordinary Persian Bakshaish rug that will fascinate every dinner guest, including the most seasoned antique carpet connoisseurs, with its totally unexpected, yet profoundly harmonious allover design. Virtuoso abrash allows carefully selected warm reds and an astonishing diversity of prized mid-tone blues to advance and recede with continually changing intensity. Archetypal latchhook and cloudband contours recall the very earliest East Asian symbolism, yet sit extremely well with delicately carved angels and European tapestry, providing this residence with another tableau where connoisseur level carpets seamlessly enrich their eclectic surroundings.

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