Exceptionally Nuanced Antique Laver Kirman Provides the Unifying Foundation for This Already Completely Furnished Gracious Living Room

One of the oldest pieces in this connoisseur couple’s rug collection, this magnificent medallion carpet with its elaborate framing of 8 concentric borders is the perfect centerpiece for their living room. The ambitious confluence of European paintings and furniture, luxurious fabrics, polished wood inlay, and sculpture was in place before the purchase of this 190-year-old rug added its grandeur and refinement to the room. The result is breathtaking; the carpet’s colors commingle with the prior color palette while its designs sit comfortably with the shapes in the fabrics and accessories. Note how this Court carpet unifies the room where even selected details, such as the fleur-de-lis sofa motifs and gilt-edged frames resonate with it.

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