Persian Laver Kirman Antique rug in Los Angeles California Spanish Colonial Dining Room

Exquisite 19th-Century Laver Kirman Rug Achieves Ethereal Elegance In A Stately Spanish Colonial Home

An exceptional, early Persian Laver Kirman rug becomes the essential link in realizing the artful, nuanced vision for a casually elegant entertaining space of this Spanish colonial home. The homeowner, an accomplished collector of traditional art and antiques, immediately realized how the carpet’s complex design and understated colors would quietly anchor the diverse textures and hues of her ambitious design, and used one-of-a-kind pieces as the foundation for a comprehensive aesthetic. Redoubled by an abundance of natural light, the time-softened hues and natural patina of the rug effortlessly harmonizes the varying tones of terracotta tile, polished exotic woods and luxurious cream colored brocade fabrics. Note closely how the Court carpet’s intricate botanical pattern brings out the contours in a candelabra or the leg of a Louis XIV chair, while instantly creating a bridge to the cut flower centerpiece and the effusive tropical foliage of the garden outside. The antique rug seamlessly mingles indoor and outdoor: as they pass between spaces, guests are continually greeted by new vantages, unified by the carpet’s magnetic presence.

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