Extraordinarily refined large 19th-Century Mahajiran Sarouk carpet Softens and Personalizes Art-Filled Modern Space

Thanks to the expansive, immersive artistry of an exemplary oversize Mahajiran Sarouk carpet, this high ceilinged contemporary Florida home soars to new heights as a refined display area for the homeowner’s inspired, eclectic artistic tastes. Surrounded by hand-selected wooden veneer, soft leather, polished metal and glass, the Mahajiran Sarouk offers easily the most impressive texture in the space, as its extremely high quality, lanolin-rich wool creates an inner luminosity that is impossible to duplicate. Set against the clean but less descriptive lines of modern architecture and furniture, the cascades of blossoming boughs and garland bouquets establish an effervescent, fascinating dialogue with the viewer, gradually revealing new nuances to captivate her rapt attention. The deeply personal artisanal weaving brings out these qualities of inspiration in other pieces, heightening a connection between the sculpture and non-representational canvas for a one-of-a-kind combination.

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