Oversized Doarsht Antique Persian Rug in a refined parlour room

Extraordinary Oversize Dorasht Carpet Makes A Defining Statement In a Refined Entertaining Space

Grand dimensions, majestic scale of motifs, and the seldom-equaled grandeur of an elegant antique color palette against a clear ivory field allow this exceptional, virtually never produced large Dorasht to become the central foundation for this spacious parlour. Thanks to the exceptionally nuanced combination of rare ivory, periwinkle and oxblood colors and a floating overscale allover design, it effortlessly harmonizes  variety of rich fabrics (including flower print upholstery, golden damask drapes and shimmering silks.) Yet, the antique rug’s majestic visual impact never overpowers, instead permitting the delicate brush effects of the small American Impressionist painting to be equally well appreciated.  As guests move about from grand piano to bridge table to wingback chair, this immersive mid-19th century art rug makes the large room seem intimate and inviting.

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