Filled with spontaneity and potent natural hues, antique 19th-Century Caucasian Shirvan and Talish rugs impart entirely singular expressive character to the modern home

Placed on floor and wall, a very well chosen suite of superb 19th-century tribal rugs become an immersive artistic experience that completely transforms the ambiance of this sophisticated contemporary home. Set to splendid effect against the warm hardwood floors and chic white paneling and cabinetry, the area size Caucasian Shirvan and Talish weavings entrance the viewer with the sheer variety and harmony of their incredibly saturated, harmonious organically dyed color. The deeply personal creative impulse contained within each work creates a fascinating dialogue between each carpet, to be discovered by these homeowners and their guests from the vantage point of their enriched daily lives. Note, for example, how the streaming sunlight immediately invigorates the shifting emerald green tones of the Talish rug’s abrashed open reserve.

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