Mohtasham Kashan Persian Antique Rugs In Grand Traditional Miami Florida Music Room

A Quintet of Unique Area Size Antique Rugs Each Adds their Own Note to an Eclectic Music Room

FEATURED IN OUR NEW BROCHURE, Vol. 29, No. 1. The hallway niche surrounding this grand piano becomes an inviting, intimate destination within the home thanks to the addition of five 19th century Oriental art rugs. The juxtaposition of the two 3×5 highly collectible Ferahan rugs (foreground) with a South Persian tribal Khamseh rug (under piano), a piece from the Caucasus Mountains (hall, left) and an early Bakshaish runner (border barely shows in upper right) is perfect for this eclectic atmosphere of art appreciation, as they call the viewer to enjoy each performance in turn. Of course, the voices of the antique Oriental rug weavers also work as a brilliant harmony, their rare hues bringing together the diffuse light of a Tiffany stained glass light box, Tiffany lamps and atmospheric oil paintings.

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