Hadji Jallili Tabriz Antique rug in a Louis XVI sitting room

Virtuoso Hadji Jallili Tabriz Carpet Contributes the Defining Note To A Harmonious Display of Classical European Elegance

An exquisite 19th-century oversize Tabriz attributed to the master carpet designer, Hadji Jallili, sets a pitch-perfect tone of elegant gentility in this refined yet comfortable sitting room, anchoring the space with a foundation of understated luxury. Like the room itself, this superb 19th-century Persian Court carpet is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts, as its surpassingly grand rose window medallion joins seamlessly with the openness of a luminous golden reserve. The inspired pairing ennobles each other with even more impressive aesthetic impact. 18th-century French boiserie and Louis XVI furniture take a consonant approach, pairing open space with exquisite ornamentation stylized from antecedents in the natural world. The illumination streaming from the garden outside further invigorates this ethereal tableau—a sense for light that recurs in the classical landscape paintings.

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