High-Collectible Persian Ferahan Sarouk Carpet In Foyer Is Ideal Introduction To Art-filled Connoisseur’s Home

A superb Ferahan Sarouk carpet placed in the foyer warmly welcomes guests as the ideal beginning to an enthralling environment of expertly curated art, antiques and singular art carpets.  At the top of its class in both level of artistry and craftsmanship, this 170-year-old Persian Town carpet offers the many inspired nuances that touch the collector’s heart. Many artistic decisions and a honed craftsmanship contribute to the allure of this piece, such as its rare ivory field with graceful silhouetted vinery, the interplay of the russet and marine blue tonalities, and it’s inspired, original border design. The consummately luxurious quality of its luminous wool is instantly apparent in this well-lit foyer, its time-matured patina glowing intensely in both at night and under natural light.

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