Immersive Assemblage of Several Top-Level Tribal Rugs Transforms Passageway Into Inspirational Oasis

Hallways present a unique opportunity for stunning display, with successive, adjacent wall and floor zones bringing a curated selection of rugs into close, immediate proximity for maximum artistic effect. Here, the connoisseur-caliber, antique area size Qashqai (wall), Kazak (floor, foreground) and Baku (floor, background) serve as a lens, concentrating their inspired weavers’ artistic energy and focusing the rapt attention of all who encounter them.  Astonishing color highlights come alive as in no other presentation–note how the evocative golden contours surrounding the exceptional Qashqai’s luminous diamond ivory medallion seem to electrify, then bring out the very different ivory medallions present in the one-of-a-kind Caucasian pieces on the floor.  Though every one of these art-level pieces would be captivating on its own, the interplay makes the viewer instantly aware of the profound depth of color, its harmonious juxtaposition, and the unusual clarity of vision found in each.