Luminous Natural Hues And Radiant Tribal Imagery of Select 19th-Century Caucasian Pieces Illuminates Collector’s Victorian Home

FEATURED IN OUR NEW BROCHURE, Vol. 30, No.2. Surrounded by warm hardwoods and the traditional architecture of a late 1800s home, an entrancing antique Caucasian Soumak runner in the hall and dazzling 175-year-old Caucasian Zejwa Kuba hanging in the stairwell become the focus of fascinating aesthetic experience. Both exemplify the inspired artisanship of another era: like the paneled wainscoting and ornate hand-wrought sconces and chandelier, the painstaking intricacies and naturally brewed dyes of the rugs represent a level of totally engaged craftsmanship and artistic expression that is no longer found. The weavers’ deep emotional investment in their work is instantly evident in the extraordinary range of evocative mid-tone blues they choose to present. Rare cobalt, aquamarine, sapphire and sky blue all establish a thrilling and immediate connection. Wall and floor display result in the most enjoyable and immersive possible encounter.

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