Magnificent 19th-Century Kermanshah Carpet Perfectly Expresses The Art-filled Ambiance of An Historic Home

Featured in our Brochure, Vol. 28, No. 2. Set within the grand foyer of a historically distinguished mansion, an exceptional 19th-century Kermanshah carpet elegantly summarizes the themes of genteel refinement, stunningly elevated master craftsmanship and warm hospitality this discriminating and generous homeowner wishes to extend to her guests. As the very first major work of art a visitor encounters when entering the home, the tour-de-force example of Court carpet weaving immediately sets the aesthetic tone for the entire space, immersing the viewer in its exquisite, organically inspired nuances and compelling interplay of light and dark. The carpet also creates instant connections with the architecture–its seldom-seen open ivory ground and extraordinary floating medallion perfectly resonate with the high-ceilinged space, inviting the viewer to ascend the sweeping staircase to experience the carpet’s exuberant artistry from numerous vantage points. Woven contemporaneously with the home’s construction, the art-level Kermanshah provides an essential window to a place and time that reproductions and later rugs simply cannot provide.

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