Opulent Paneled Office Achieves Continental Refinement With Suite of Antique Ferahan Sarouk and Mahajiran Carpets

An outstanding 19th century Ferahan Sarouk area size rug provides the essential foundation for the productive, contemplative environment of this highly cultured European-inspired home office, bringing a sense of subtlety of line and hue that sets the tone for the entire space. In addition to the virtuoso lobed medallion that floats within the shield-shaped terracotta reserve, the space is powerfully affected by the bright ivory corner pieces of the carpet, quietly framing both the composition and the room it inhabits. Gilt inlay on the antique desk and framed abstract lithograph resonate with the intricate botanical vinery that abounds in the Ferahan and the allover Mahajiran in the adjoining space. The continuity between both pieces establishes a fluid connection within these rooms, encouraging an expansive atmosphere for the homeowner to enjoy throughout his daily activities.

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