Antique Persian Malayer carpet in a Claremont Rug Company's home

Outstanding 19th-Century Malayer Camelhair Brings Subtle, Immersive Enrichment To Elegant Dining Room

Full room size Malayer Camelhair carpets are quite seldom encountered, particularly when they offer the remarkably harmonious allover design and individual creative attention of this singular piece. Surrounded by refined finishes and silver lighting sconces, the uncommon nuance within the subtly changing latticework becomes even more enlivening and fresh. Luminous blonde-toned camelhair brings its own special luminosity, amplified by eggshell paint tones and the soft organic hues of the homeowner’s favorite landscape and still life scenes. The surprisingly sophisticated compositional effects present in the best 19th-century village carpets create a natural compatibility with elegant traditional decors, as well as modern spaces.