Outstanding Circa 1875 Caucasian Kazak In Cozy Fireside Setting Creates Immensely Enriched Space

Small room size antique Persian carpets have long been utilized to enhance the convivial ambiance of a fireside furniture grouping. Area size Caucasian tribal pieces are at least as transformative in this type of intimate setting, presenting an equally immersive option. Here, an iconic, archetypal Kazak rug with its beautifully striated madder red base demonstrates this almost magnetic allure, inviting visitors to enjoy the dancing individually sized diamonds, totemic medallion, and quirky small features from this style’s symbolic pattern language. Kazaks fill a gap in the traditional Oriental rug panoply offering proportions between area and room sizes, such as was needed for this spot. Within this comfortable conversation space, close friends and family can appreciate the exquisite time-softened patina and potent accents of aquamarine, teal, and even lavender tones that fill the bold geometry of this deeply personal, Connoisseur-caliber weaving. Illuminated by firelight and finding consonance with English leather armchairs, this tribal rug conceived and woven at elevations up to 8,000 feet creates an artistic connection to another era and life experience.

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