Consummate Persian Art Carpet Brings Unfathomable Richness And Depth To A Traditional Dining Room

Featured in our Brochure, Vol. 28, No. 2. The best antique art carpets create pairings that are far greater than the sum of their parts, uniting furniture, architectural details and other works of art in a way that uniquely enhances their overall aesthetic impact. For this reason, masterwork carpets, such as this 19th century  Ferahan Sarouk that graces a genteel dining room, are avidly desired by seasoned designers and homeowners. Though its weavers could not have anticipated this pairing, the 160-year-old carpet’s resonance with the chair’s delicately turned leg and ethereal pale green fabric achieves a balance of refinement that could likely never have been reached in any other way. The antique Ferahan tradition provides the essential foundation by which these great heights are reached: neither the incredible dexterity of its clear, profusely rendered natural forms nor the exquisite pastel and jewel-tone dyes can be found elsewhere, as dye masters capable of these long-lost techniques no longer exist.

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