Persian Serapi antique rug in a colonial style dining room

Creatively Reinterpreted 150-year-old Persian Serapi Invigorates Colonial Dining Room With Casual Yet Sophisticated Ambiance

This unusually elegant 150-year-old Persian Serapi rug quietly elevates the ambiance of this genteel dining room, bringing an artistic note that is at once entirely unique and totally appropriate for the space. A colonial American sideboard and chairs in polished walnut are immediately at home with the village carpet’s understated, scrolling cartouches and natural palette of warm carnelian, parchment, rose and indigo. Each possesses a richness and artistic character than invites the viewer to linger and investigate further. The highly individual, botanical motifs subtly draw out other delicate nuances in the room, particularly the discreetly patterned wallpaper. Though many 19th century Serapi carpets are beloved for the striking energy of their geometric forms, this piece stylized floral lines create a somewhat different mood, contributing scalloped outlines and a majestic pointed center medallion that recall more formal weaving styles.

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