Luminous 170-year-old Ferahan rug in rare corridor dimensions adds luminosity to entryway of Omaha home

Rare Corridor-Sized Ferahan Rug Adds Luminous Comfort to Entryway of Traditional Omaha Home

This image is of an artistically exploratory 170-year-old Ferahan rug in a rarely found corridor size that graces the entryway of a grand traditional home near Omaha, Nebraska. The tawny-hued border immediately draws upon the rich tones of the wooden floors, stairway, and exquisite furnishings. A soothing, luminous cerulean field beckons one to leave the cares of the day behind upon entering this domestic sanctuary. Imaginative, larger-scale organic motifs add to the serenely engaging aesthetic of this piece that seems to have been created especially for this home, amplifying the sophisticated ambiance of its surroundings. Antique carpets have an uncanny way of seamlessly coalescing into a wide variety of decors. The depth and breadth of our inventory allow infinitely more possibilities than can be found elsewhere in the ever-shrinking antique rug market.

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