Spacious Open Field Laver Kirman Carpet Establishes an Atmosphere of Comfortable Relaxation and Inviting Luxury

The very best antique Persian Laver Kirman Court carpets magnificently augment the beauty of a traditional formal home. Connoisseurs have found that using high caliber pieces not only in the public areas but also libraries, billiard rooms, and sun porches sustain the level of taste and tenor of the residence. Here, family and friends will gather in this stunning billiard room made more memorable by the splendor of the High Collectible carpet on the floor. The dexterous expression of sophisticated botanical motifs and brilliant technical mastery will be welcome company over many enjoyable afternoons. Its notably open, unadorned parchment reserve seems to subtly reference the billiard surface, oak paneling and sandstone tile, redoubling the sense of expansiveness and calm. The harmonious burgundy and parchment hues of the carpet create impart a special warmth and personality.

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