Striking Antique Art Level Bakshaish Rug Enhances An Upbeat Guest Powder Room Offering A Close-Up Interaction With 100 Year Old Vegetal Dyes

Collectors often display one their smallest gems in powder room or tiny niches throughout their homes where the walls help to frame the woven art work on the floor.  The most inspired 19th-century art carpets have an unparalleled ability to infuse virtually any space with tremendous energy and artistic presence.  Such is certainly the case with this outstanding circa 1875 Bakshaish small rug, which contributes exceptionally vibrant, nuanced warm color and a breathtaking reserve of luminous, striated pure camelhair.  Note how flashes of vegetally wrought sapphire blue, leaf green, honey gold, and salmon tones animate this whimsical folk art piece—clearly the work of a talented dyer.  The homeowner enjoyed creating a tilework wall that reflected his immersion in handweaving aptly punctuated by a coveted from the village of Bakshaish.

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