Claremont Rug Company Article in Private Air Magazine Fall 2017

Superb 19th-Century Bakshaish Carpet on Floor and Rare Caucasian Baku Rug on Wall Create a Refuge of Artistry in a Modern Setting

Featured in our Brochure, Vol. 28, No. 2. Supported by bright sunlight from an urban home’s floor-to-ceiling windows, a 19th-century Bakshaish Persian village carpet’s camelhair adds a stunning element to this San Francisco executive’s high-rise pied-a-terre. This well preserved antique carpet’s collectible quality is unmistakable. Its original geometric design takes a starring role among the constellation of eclectic Near-Eastern art and furnishings, establishing interesting relationships with each one. The Bakshaish’s subtle abrash coloration and age-old patina is reflected in the high-collectible Caucasian Khila Baku that hangs as wall art in the rear corner, as well as in the distressed wooden surfaces of the antique panel doors, rustic stool and low sofa. The intricately carved surfaces immediately resonate with the faceted geometric carpet design, which also skillfully manages light and dark space. Minimalist modern architecture provides the perfect foil to intensify this deeply personal room, blending East and West influences into an immersive and continually rewarding artistic experience. Note the two rugs hanging folded above the carved doors, ready to be unfurled for a quiet evening of enjoyment.

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