Persian Bakshaish Antique Rug Decorates industrial New York Loft

Rare Persian Bakshaish Provides The Key Artistic Element To Anchor The Undivided Open Space of An Industrial Loft

The abundant artistic energy of this rare large Persian Bakshaish carpet perfectly resolves the challenge of the converted industrial loft. Its graphic presence provides a natural focal point in this high-ceilinged living room, while providing a storehouse for endless contemplation and discovery. Its harmonious, time-softened hues and elemental, archetypal imagery will be continually refreshed by the changing natural light over the course of the day. The carpet’s simplicity brings out the inherent sculptural aspect of the exposed brick, old-growth wooden beams and wrought iron columns, all of which share the 19th-century folkloric rug’s honesty of purpose and materials. Published in the 2014 Fall/Winter catalog.

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